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Erik Martiniussen: The War against Bacteria: A health disaster and how to fight it.

      700,000 people die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria across the world every year. In the United States, resistant bacteria require three times as many human lives as HIV/AIDS. The World Health Organization warns: Without antibiotics, medical science is going to be set back 100 years in time. Not only will we be powerless against treating […]


NORLA with Books from Norway- more Norwegian titles this autumn

  Norla, Norwegian Literature Abroad is annoucing new Norwegians books this autumn. Here are two amongst them. You will find the others on this address:  https://norla.no/en/focus_titles/78, Just click on the books for more informations. 2 fictions: Is mother dead, by Vigdis Hjorth and The One Needful Thing, by Olaug Nilssen.  Both are famous fiction writers.   […]