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We have never had access to more information – but does this mean we have become wiser? Quite the opposite, many would say, as we have never been exposed to so many lies and misleading information. But this isn’t all down to fake news – channels and social media like Twitter and Facebook: according to science journalist Bjørn Vassnes, the most important reason for why we are tricked can be found within ourselves. With a brain which is basically how it was in the Stone Age, with an array of instinctive shortcuts which therefore often leads us astray, and with an array of “thought helpers” – thought technologies which we don’t have a good enough grasp of (languages, numbers, logic, etc.) and therefore often use incorrectly, we lead ourselves time and time again into the pitfalls of the mind.

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Martiniussen krigen mot bakteriene



700,000 people die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria across the world every year. In the United States, resistant bacteria require three times as many human lives as HIV/AIDS.
The World Health Organization warns: Without antibiotics, medical science is going to be set back 100 years in time. Not only will we be powerless against treating infections, without antibiotics, even simple surgery becomes impossible. By year 2050, 10 million people will be at risk every year. The biggest health disaster the world has seen is right at your doorstep. Still, it is almost not talked about.

The War against Bacteria tells the story Directors of the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and meat industry don’t want you to hear. It is a shocking tale of how the pursuit of profits has driven Big pharma to dispense antibiotics as if it were vitamins, and of how the meat industry systematically has undermined information.

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Norla, Norwegian Literature Abroad is annoucing new Norwegians books this autumn.

Here are two amongst them.
You will find the others on this address:, Just click on the books for more informations.

2 fictions: Is mother dead, by Vigdis Hjorth and The One Needful Thing, by Olaug Nilssen.  Both are famous fiction writers.


Enjoy the good stories


News from NORLA

24 great books divided into fiction and non-fiction, for both adults, and children and young adults



Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

On the Shoulders of Nature: How Ten Million Species Save your Life
På naturens skuldre. Hvordan ti millioner arter redder livet ditt

Fascinating tales of our interactions with nature, from the author of popular science bestseller, Extraordinary Insects. You and I are much more deeply interwoven into the intricate fabric of nature than we might think. Millions of species give us food, medicine and a habitable environment – and nature is also a source of knowledge and joy.

In characteristically engaging prose, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson regales readers with exciting and thought-provoking stories about nature. She takes us out into the rainforests, where orchid bees make perfume and pollinate the nuts you crack at Christmas; beneath the cool shade of great trees on city streets that reduce the need for air-cooling systems; down into the trenches, where soldiers used fungi as light sources on moonless nights.

We read about trees in ancient woodland that provide us with cancer medicines and the kingfisher that inspired the design of bullet trains. But we also discover how our behaviour can place all this in jeopardy, because our capacity to exploit nature also risks undermining the basis for our very existence.

What we are seeing today is a natural crisis in which species are threatened and habitats vanishing – a situation just as acute and serious as the climate crisis. If we are to secure our own future, we must change the way we live and learn to join forces with the natural world that helps us in so many ways.

Sverdrup thygeson på naturens skuldre

‘Oh, oh, oh! Brilliant about nature and culture. Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson describes processes in nature that are so wild that one would think that she had invented everything herself. (…) Aided by a wealth of astonishing and jaw-dropping examples, Sverdrup-Thygeson demonstrates that we stand on the shoulders of nature and that, in many cases, it can be important to let nature repair herself. (…) If you are only going to read one book on species diversity this year, this is definitely the one!’


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Hilde Østby

The Key to Creativity Why Daydreaming Will Save the World

What is creativity, really? What drives creativity, and how can we all learn how to be more creative?
The Key to Creativity is a book that combines brand new brain research on creativity, the cultural history of creativity and an analysis on society, as well as the experience of a number of creative people. It is a narrative exploration of creativity, as well as a criticism of society. It is a counterpart to a society that wants to measure everything, where everyone feels the pressure to perform and become a celebrity.

With this book the author tries to make messing about, boredom and trying and failure the new gold standard: Because when AI and the climate crisis arrives, we will have to be very creative! And creativity lives in a very strange place, what the researchers call DMN, also known as daydreaming.
Through the six chapters the author explores where ideas come from and how they feel, what a good idea really is and if you can die from them? For one chapter she battles her inner critic through meditation, impro theatre, electricity through the brain as well as very tight deadlines as she tries to find out what it takes to finish a creative project through talking to some of the very best and most creative people.

There are more than enough books that would like to give you the instructions on how to be creative. This is not that type of book.

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Mette Børja anbefaler:
Eit praktisk menneske av Kjersti Rorgemoen

Jeg har virkelig kost meg med Kjersti Rorgemoens nyeste roman på beskjedne 87 sider. Eit praktisk menneske er full av språklig overskudd og treffende observasjoner om det moderne menneskets lengten etter å ha noe praktisk å henge fingrene – “kontorrottehendene” – sine i. Drømmen om “et enkelt liv med enkle midler” – og gjerne et lite småbruk – lever i beste velgående, det er jo ikke tilfeldig at TV-programmer som “Farmen” og “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu” har rullet over skjermene våre i årevis.

Jeg kjenner stadig på beundringen for folk som gyver løs på ting de ikke kan, og som jobber med hendene og får konkrete resultater. Kanskje det var derfor jeg i sin tid ble så glad og inspirert karakteren alt-mulig-oteren Olli i Ingvar Ambjørnsens fantastiske barnebokserie om Samson og Roberto? Et aldri så lite barnebok-bonustips der, altså.

Og det beste med gode bøker som ikke er så omfangsrike, er at man rekker å lese flere! I sommer skal jeg derfor unne meg også de to tidligere romanene til Kjersti Rorgemoen; Purkene snudde seg og Håpet og festen.

God, praktisk sommer!

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Informasjonsrådgiver, NORLA

Les mer | Foreign rights | I Norsk Litteraturfestival rett hjem kan du se forfatteren snakke mer om boka (“6. Praktisk arbeid” – med forfatter Siri Helle fra 01:18:44, Rorgemoen fra 01:24:00)

Barnebok-bonus tips: Mer om Samson og Roberto her | Foreign rights



Andreas Tjernshaugen
Line Renslebråten

The Blue Whale – The Incredible Story of the Biggest Animal that has Ever Lived
Blåhvalen. Den utrolige historien om det største dyret som noen gang har levd.

Come along into the sea!
Did you know that the blue whale is the largest animal that has ever existed? That it is even bigger than the biggest dinosaurs? And that long ago, the whales had four legs and lived on land? In The Blue Whale Andreas Tjernshaugen takes you into the sea. You can read about the life of the blue whale – what it eats, where it swims and how it breathes through a nose that is at the top of its head. You also get to know how the blue whales have become so big and how we humans almost (but fortunately only almost) exterminated all the blue whales in the world.

A fantastic book for anyone curious about life in the sea.

Illustrations by Line Renslebråten.

‘Cool and knowledgeable.’

Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson, author of the international bestseller “Terra Insecta. The little ones that make the world go ’round”

Andrine Pollen anbefaler  – en bok som nylig ble omtalt som “den ultimate karanteromanen” av bokpanelet i Nederlands allerstørste talkshow DWDD: Max, Mischa og Tetoffensiven

Johan Harstad, Max, Mischa og Tetoffensiven, Gyldendal, 2015

– Det er sjelden jeg leser en bok hvor jeg i så sterk grad lever meg inn i fiksjonen – jeg kan fremdeles innbille meg at Max er der, i New York, ja, at jeg til og med kan treffe på ham neste gang jeg skulle befinne meg i nærheten av The Apthorp Building. Den ultimate corona-roman!

Les mer | Foreign rights | The Ultimate Quarantine Novel


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