Ida Hegazi Høyer

The Surgeon

The talented surgeon Henrik Wold has organized his life around his career and is now aiming for the department’s chief position. Life is quite simple for Henrik – until a young patient develops inexplicable complications after a standard procedure. For the first time in his professional life, he feels insecure, and the pressure evolves around him, both at work and at home. What happens when someone who pictures himself as invincible makes a mistake? What is revealed when the façade starts to crack? When does the surgeon’s pragmatic cynicism turn into destructiveness? And what is a human life worth?

With a brilliant take on human psychology, and a trained eye for comic interactions, Ida Hegazi Høyer takes us along on a two-week downhill journey in Henrik Wold’s life.

Nominated for the Listeners’ Novel Prize 2022

Høyer kirgurgen pocket 9788210058219 300dpi

‘A razor-sharp portrait of a young surgeon’s crushing fall.’


‘Hardly have I seen weirder, more delicious sentences on a book page this past year.’


‘… teeming with phrases so precise that they shine like bright steel.’

Dag og Tid

‘A highlight this year.’


Kim Hjardar

Auðr – Kvinneliv i vikingtiden

Audr means wealth. It was a common name for women in the Viking age, emphasising their importance in society. They were poets, skilled artisans and entrepreneurs who had their own ships. Women traded, led expeditions and played a crucial role in sharing knowledge, educating and protecting societal values. It was women who were responsible for textile manufacture and the preparation and storage of food, in addition to their important duties as healers.

In this book, we follow Aud the Deep-Minded, a rural Norwegian woman, on a 4,000 kilometre journey throughout her life, from her childhood in Norway to her adulthood in Ireland, Scotland and the Hebrides and her old age in Iceland. Kim Hjardar uses Aud’s story as a prism. How can we consider the role of women and the opportunities available to them in the Viking period?

Women in the Viking Age offers a journey of discovery through a history that has been overlooked. Through engaging writing and thought-provoking illustrations of both reconstructions and archaeological finds, the book provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Viking women.

Hjardar audr omslag

Jan Grue

Trying and Failing
Prøve og feile

‘Are you trying to ruin your life?’ Hannah’s friends say when she tells them she’s having children with Magne.

Trial and Error is a novel about an almost completely normal couple. Like all parents of young children, Magne and Hannah have their challenges, but with Magne in a wheelchair even a trip to the beach at Huk turns into a gruelling odyssey. In spite of his master’s degree in literary science, Magne has a poorly paid job as a hotel receptionist. But with his visible disability, he is at least a welcome expression of the hotel chain’s benevolence and its diversity policy.

Magne and Hannah had intended to show the world – show the world that they could make it, show the world that it was possible.

But a lot can go wrong, and there are many ways to mess it all up.

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‘With his novel “Trying and Failing”, Jan Grue completes an exceptional trilogy about disability and vulnerability. (…) Masterfully, Grue exposes the illusion that we all, even in Norway, have something within our reach that even comes close to resembling an equal life. (…) Grue affectingly demonstrates how complicated challenges for the disabled can really be – and how deeply problematic it is to pigeonhole people.’

VG, 5 out of 6 stars

Mette anbefaler!

Kjersti Herland Johnsen_ Jul på Himmelfjell hotell

Jeg er godt i gang med boken som forlaget omtaler som “Årets jule-feelgood” og “Den perfekte juleromanen”. Og dette er bra underholdning:
Fjellklatreren Ingrid Berg krysser sitt spor: etter en dramatisk skredulykke i Himalaya – og et samlivsbrudd – er hun er tilbake på det ærverdige høyfjellshotellet der hun vokste opp, nå som direktør for det hele. Men det er ikke bare glitter det som skimrer i vinterskaren der oppe i fjellheimen…
Hun møter en drøss av praktiske og økonomiske utfordringer, og slites mellom å bevare familietradisjonene og samtidig tilpasse seg influenceres ønske om Instagramvennlige aktiviteter.
Legg til grums fra overhodet i bygdas dominerende familie – med kallenavn Moskus – og ikke minst egne, skjulte familiehemmeligheter – og det er duket for forviklinger, både av det romantiske og juletradisjonsmessige slaget!

Cappelen Damm 2022

When Bao finds out that the adults have decided to turn the forest close to the school into a parking lot, she realizes that she’s the one who must act! With her best friends Tuva and Linnea along her side, Bao organizes a protest for saving the forest. Do Abdi and the other boys in class really understand why it’s so important to save the forest? And how do you make the adults understand the seriousness of the situation when you’re 12 years old?Save Our Forest! is a stand-alone follow-up to the acclaimed and awarded Cross My Heart and Hope to Die.

A story about being big enough to be aware of how to act, but too young to be taken seriously.

Dåsnes la skogen leve! 9788203394843
Aschehoug Due: Primo October 2022
229 Pages
ISBN: 9788203394843 English sample translation available

Reidar Müller

Fire and Ice – The History of the Climate
Ild og is. En kort innføring i klimaets historie

The Earth’s climate has never been stable. The globe has fluctuated between a greenhouse and an icebox. 55 million years ago our planet was 5°C warmer than it is today, and 20.000 years ago it was 4°C colder. The changing of the climate has even contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.

The biggest challenge of our time is the rapidity of our climate’s change — we are speeding back into the greenhouse. Reidar Müller travels millions of years into the history of the Earth’s climate to see what it can tell us about our future.

Using both science history and new research, and peppered with surprising facts, Fire and Ice will give you the tools to understand the climate challenge.

Muller ild og is 9788203393389

‘A brilliant sweep of climate change in deep time, about cold and heat – with heated recommendations.’

Dag O. Hessen, professor of biology, University of Oslo

‘Enthralling and impressive’

Professor Eystein Jansen, lead author of the UN climate reports from 2007 and 2013

In the summer of 1816, the schooner “Plattsburg” is on its way from Baltimore to Turkey to buy opium. As many as 19 crates of silver and gold coins have been loaded on board. The captain is a slave driver, and while the ship is crossing the Atlantic, there is talk of mutiny under deck. The ship holds values that will allow the crew to live carefree for the rest of their lives. After several attempts, the crew manages to throw the captain and two other officers overboard. Now the mutineers must find a distant place to hide in. They end up in the harbour Kleven outside the small town Mandal on the south coast of Norway. Here they lead an extravagant life as big spenders, and their wild behaviour makes its mark on the small place.
The rumours eventually reach the American consul in Kristiansand, but by then the crew has already fled. The hunt for the mutineers takes place in several countries in Europe. Most are eventually arrested. The American naval ship USS “Hornet” is sent to Copenhagen in 1818 to bring the mutineers to Boston, where four of them are hanged.
Using Norwegian and international sources, the historian Dag Hundstad paints a vivid and dramatic picture of the fateful journey and the hunt for the guilty around Europe.

Hundstad sølvskonnerten 9788241957697

På Books from Norway finner du informasjon på engelsk om norske bøker i alle sjangre. Informasjonen utarbeides av rettighetshavere og NORLA.

Why did André start taking drugs? Did Edvin have anything to do with what happened? Why was life so cruel to André but kind to Edvin? Or has life been kind to him?

Kjersti Halvorsen writes about complicated topics such as power, addiction, revenge and reconciliation in an entertaining way.

Halvorsen det er jeg som kan hjelpe deg 9788202742584

Kanelbarken kommer fra Sri Lanka. Nellik vokste en gang bare på de bittesmå Maluku-øyene øst for Indonesia. Muskat fantes bare på de vulkanske Banda-øyene litt lenger sør.

Likevel har disse sjeldne, fantastiske vekstene blitt de mest utbredte varene i verdenshistorien: en kilde til globalisering og imperiumbygging, kontakt og konflikt, utveksling og utnyttelse fra de aller eldste sivilisasjonene til i dag. Reinertsen Berg følger krydderstrengene tilbake til jordens eldgamle historie, og forklarer hvorfor de unike plantene vokser akkurat der de gjør og hva som er så spesielt med dem. Han tar oss med til Kina og India, Egypt og Romerriket, og viser hvordan krydderplantene kontrollerte handelsruter, kulturell utvikling og økonomier. Han illustrerer sammenhengen mellom krydder og den vestlige koloniseringen av verden fra senmiddelalderen til i dag. Og han forteller de ukjente historiene til krydder i dag, hvor plantene har blitt internasjonale landbruksvarer løsrevet fra deres unike opphav.


The cinnamon bark comes from Sri Lanka. Cloves once only grew on the tiny Maluku Islands east of Indonesia. Nutmeg only existed on the volcanic Banda Islands a little further south.
Nevertheless, these rare, marvelous growths have become the most widespread commodities in world history: a source of globalization and empire building, contact and conflict, exchange and exploitation from the very oldest civilizations to the present day. Reinertsen Berg follows the strands of spices back to earth’s ancient history, explaining why the unique plants grow exactly where they do and what is so special about them. He takes us to China and India, Egypt and the Roman Empire, and shows how the spice plants controlled trade routes, cultural development, and economies. He illustrates the connection between spices and the Western colonization of the world from the late Middle Ages to the present day. And he tells the unknown histories of spices today, where the plants have become international agricultural commodities detached from their unique origins.

“Tekst NORLA” –