Cod + The Norwegian Club Switzerland = Always a Big Success

Seven kilos of floating gold bars from Lofoten was easily devoured when 24 cod-loving guests participated in this year’s cod evening at Bodini in Lucerne.

The taste buds cheered when the 3-course Nordic-inspired meal was put on the table:


Green pea soup with champagne

Oven baked cod with blackcurrant glazed onions on celery root puree and raw fried potatoes

Rosemary ice cream with nuts

In the absence of Bernt Ola, NKS President Beate Normann stepped in with improvised entertainment in good NRK replay tradition! We never tire of the classic Norwegian films “The Cod is Coming” and the “Submarine Captain”. Beate’s presentation “Dear Mister President, America First, NKS Firster ..” was also equally current as two years ago!

Our Norwegian hairdresser in Lucerne, Marianne Miller-Jensen, rounded off the evening with an exuberant thank-you-for-the-meal-speech on behalf of the happy and cod-blissed guests.

All honor and infinite thanks to Beate Normann and Therese Moser, The Norwegian Hausfrau, who did all the shopping, prepared the food and the tables, cleaned up etc. Luckily they got good help from Gabriel and Ismael who served the food and helped with tidying up after the guests.

We would also like to thank Polar AG, which delivered cod fillets of the highest quality!