NKS Klub Trip 2019 – A Perfect Weekend in Tessin

An exceptional hotel, delicious food and a host one can only dream of. Cosy and happy fellow travelers – what are we talking about here?

It is this year’s Norwegian club trip to Tessin, more precisely, to Albergo Losone, owned by our host and Norway’s Honorary Consul in Tessin, Diego Glaus.

Albergo Losone is located next to Ascona, along the Maggia River. When entering the main entrance of the hotel, it is like going from one world to another. The word “oasis” feels right.

We were warmly welcomed by the hotel staff we felt immediately welcome.

The family hotel has a lot to offer for guests of all ages. It was really good that we had two days, because there was so much to discover and experience. There was a swimming pool, a sauna, golf, a children’s playground, including child care and even a small zoo, just to mention a few of the attractions. The hotel’s Norwegian library also has a good selection of books, catering for different tastes.

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

At 10:45 a.m. the club weekend began with a glass of Prosecco at the poolside. Inspired by pleasant surroundings, the Prosecco and the good atmosphere, the talk quickly livened up among the 30 attendees. We were then treated to a delicious lunch with specialities and wines from Tessin.

During the afternoon, Diego took us to the village of Intragna, where you will find Tessin’s highest church tower. Diego funded the restoration of the tower. The view from the tower was absolutely stunning with 360 degree panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. Everyone enjoyed the view after a sporty climb to the top.

The museum of the chimney sweepers was the next stop. There we learned something new. In Tessin there were several chimney sweeper dynasties who sent members of their families to cities across Europe to sweep chimneys. Some of these were even children. So life must have been really tough during these times. After delicious bread baking in an open oven, each of us got a bread to take home. The scent of freshly baked bread enveloped us.

After Intragna, Ticino Experiencewaited for us at Albero Losone. It consisted of a movie introducing Ticino culinary delicacies. While the images flickered over the screen, Ticino Slow Food products were being shown in the movie. We, the audience, got to taste, for example, the strongest Ticino cheese with a Passito sweet wine …. just heavenly. It was good and festive at the same time.

A little later, a warm Italian evening with wine and beer awaited us. Both big and small talked together. After some well-chosen words from our President Beate Normann, the dinner continued and one could feel that everyone was enjoying themselves. The talk went lively and everyone got to know each other better.

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

The next day, Diego, who can be highly recommended as a guide, took us on a boat trip to the Brissago Islands. The visit was a very special experience and we saw many nice and exciting plants. There we learned that Antoinette Fleming St. Legerlived at Brissago during the period 1886 – 1914 and her passion was to collect exotic plants. Many of them can still be admired today.

Diego Glaus had really put together an educational and most interesting program.

This club break made us well acquainted with Norway’s Honorary Consul, Diego Glaus, and with his Albergo Losone. He had also the opportunity to speak even more Norwegian than he already knew and we felt that he enjoyed himself among Norwegians.

Thank you very much, Diego, for this wonderful weekend where we were allowed to experience Tessin through your eyes. We all brought with us many good memories and hope that we will be allowed to return next year. NKS wants, as a thank you for everything you, Diego, do for us Norwegians in Tessin, to give him a typical Norwegian Marius sweater which will be handed over when the temperatures fall again.

Norway has certainly made a very good choice with Diego Glaus to safeguard Norway’s interests in Tessin.

Don’t miss the next opportunity to experience Albergo Losone at the Family Brunch Sunday June 16, 2019 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm!