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Welcome to Nordix

In 2016, the Nordic chambers of commerce created a common platform for joint events. As of now, these events will be promoted under the designation “Nordix”.

Nordix’s objective is to organise two Nordic events per year, driven and inspired in turns by one of the representing chambers, to provide greater networking opportunities among members of the chambers as well as to engage much larger numbers of participants in order to attract the most prominent speakers and guests. These events will usually combine networking with lectures, exhibitions, company visits, cultural happenings, and much more.

In addition to these two larger events, Nordix will organise a number of friendly networking events during the year, a relaxed way to meet new people and chat with old friends, while expanding each other’s networks.

All members of the respective chambers are welcome to attend any Nordix event as a member at the indicated member fee.

For events organised by the single chambers separately, i.e. not under the “Nordix” label, the member fee only applies to their respective members. Other Nordic chambers’ members are always welcome to attend as non-members, at the indicated non-member fee.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our upcoming events!

NORDIX is a joint initiative of the Norwegian Club Switzerland and the Danish, Swedish and Finnish-Swiss Chambers of Commerce.