Siri Helle had long dreamed of her own potatoes and vegetables, trees and animals, but purchase contracts, bank loans, and the prospect of seeing only the same view every day scared her. As an adult, she has moved more than 30 times.

But one day, Siri Helle takes the big leap and moves back home to the village where she grew up. She and her husband buy a house, an outbuilding, and almost two acres of land in a clustered garden. She plans on living here forever. But can she find peace?

Siri gives herself one year. One year to find out if she fits this life, if she can say she is satisfied with having moved back to her home village. She carves, grows, hunts, fishes, and makes two- and four-legged friends. Her feelings range from dark despair to flashes of ecstatic happiness. This is a story about a home and about the joy of work, but it is also a love story. It is about being two people working together on a tremendous project. What new possibilities open when you close all doors except one?

‘This is a delightful and timely book about resilience and environmental care (…) This story of ingenuity and determination is an inspirational read for anyone keen to explore how they can live a more self-sufficient life’. – Clare Hunter, author of Threads of Life, About Handmade

Helle siri trollefossvegen23 samlaget

‘If you’re only going to read one book this year about re-establishing yourself in the village where you grew up, it has to be this one. (…) All of these trendy terms – sustainability, locally sourced, recyling, circular economy, and so on – are all tested here on a very specific Western Norwegian reality.’


Kjære alle sammen,

vi er lei oss for å måtte meddele at Norgesklubbens Sveits’ klubbreise til Tessin er avlyst
grunnet stormen og det voldsomme tordenværet som var i Locarno-regionen fredag kveld.

Med hagl på størrelse med tennisballer rammet det hotellet hardt.
Vi er forferdelig trist for Diego Glaus og  Albergo Losone.

Vennlig hilsen,

Styret i Norgesklubben Sveits


Som vanlig blir helgen fylt av overraskelser,
og vi som har deltatt noen ganger, garanterer et interessant program med mye moro!.

Diego Glaus, vår vert og Norsk konsul i Tessin, har nok en gang satt sammen et program
I år får vi besøk av en av Norges største krimlitteratur  forfattere selveste Jørn Lier Horst på hotellet !

Samlingen arrangeres for Norgesklubbens medlemmer med familie, samt norgesvenner.
Helgen vil bli fylt med god mat, latter og utflukter i Tessin, den Italienske delen av Sveits.

Det offisielle programmet starter kl.12.30 lørdag 23. og avsluttes søndag 24. september er ca. kl. 16.00/16.30.
De som ønsker annkomme fredag 22.,  gir beskjed til hotellet om en ekstra natt.


Saturday, September 23, 2023

This year we will discover the Sottoceneri and the Lake of Lugano.

12.30 Lunch on the terrace of the Albergo Losone

14.00 Bus trip to the Lake of Lugano (about 50 minutes drive).

15.00 Visit to the officially most beautiful village of Switzerland:

Morcote with its world famous church and the Parco Scherrer.

18.00 Return to  Albergo Losone

18.30 Talk with our famous star crime author;  Jørn Lier Horst.

20.00 Dinner by the swimming pool

Sunday, September 24, 2023

09.00 Swimming pool gymnastics

10.00 Bus drive to Rivera

10.15 Up to the Monte Tamaro with the cable car

12.15 self-catering in the mountain hut

15.15 Departure from the Alpe Foppa Tamaro with cable car.

16.15 The bus will take you to the train station of Cadenazzo and further to the Albergo Losone.

Prices for Norgesklubben’s members.

One overnight included in the program

Prices are pr. person

In a single room CHF. 320.-

In a double room CHF. 285.-

Velkommen til Tessin / Welcome to Ticino ! 

Diego Glaus
Albergo Losone
CH-6616 Losone

Registration to//Påmelding til:

+41/  091 785 7000


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