Members and Network

The club currently has 450 members (different nationalities) of all ages and occupations and the number is increasing. In addition, we have a database of more than 1000 email addresses of interested friends. Both Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Finns, Swiss and other nationalities from all over the world participate in our activities.

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Annual Report

Our annual report is only available in Norwegian.


The Norwegian Club Zurich was founded in 1986. In 2013, the name was changed to Norwegian Club Switzerland to create a larger and stronger platform.


The main objective of the Norwegian Club Switzerland is to maintain Norwegian traditions and spread knowledge about Norway in Switzerland.


The Board

The Board of the Norwegian Club Switzerland is elected at the annual general meeting which takes place every year in November.

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The club is a platform that wishes to make Norway known through lectures and events about Norwegian-related themes. We wish to present Norwegian business, science, technology and cultural areas such as art, music, literature and architecture. Sports and outdoor activities are also important areas. The topics may be current or related to Norwegian history and community development. A common thread is that they convey Norwegian thinking, development and / or practice in these areas and have a comprehensive and global appeal. The event language varies depending on the target audience, the lecturer and the location where it takes place. The positive cooperation between the club and its members provides mutual benefit and enjoyment. Everyone is invited to come up with suggestions for potential speakers and / or themes. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of lectures and great attendances both in Zurich, Geneva and Bern. We also inform about external events with a Norwegian link that takes place in Switzerland and we support our Nordic partners by informing about their respective events. Feel free to let us know if you know of anything happening in your local area!

Norwegian traditions and holidays

We celebrate the Norwegian national day on 17th May and organise julebord (Christmas parties) both in Zurich and Geneva / Lausanne. As for 17th May, we work together with the Norwegian Church Abroad in Switzerland. In recent years, the club has also organised Norwegian cod dinners in Luzern with great success.

Stammtisch/Table ronde

The Norwegian Club Switzerland organises informal social gatherings in four cities: Luzern, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva. The meetings are voluntary and intended to give Norwegians and friends of Norway an opportunity to meet in towns where there are many Norwegian inhabitants. From time to time, it feels great to catch up with your own countrymen and women over a drink and exchange ideas and experiences. More about Stammtisch/Table ronde.

Newly immigrated Norwegians

The Norwegian Embassy in Bern provides practical information about life in Switzerland to newly-immigrated Norwegians. The Norwegian Club Switzerland can also help in this regard, for example, through the organisation of lectures on current topics related to Swiss legislation relevant to our daily lives in this country.