Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen is a storyteller and associate professor in oral storytelling; and has worked within this artistic and performative field since 1996 both at home and abroad. She participated in a number of international festivals and in several EU projects. She has sold performances to Cultural Rug sack and toured internationally. She works permanently as a storyteller at a primary school in Oslo.

Dahlsveen has written several academic articles on oral storytelling, where she uses artistic research as a gateway to understand oral storytelling and narratives. Her focus is to let the traditional stories shed light on contemporary issues.

She will perform two different storytelling shows at the International Storytelling Festival Geschichtenoase in Zürich, told in English.

Friday, 9. Juni 2023  20 Uhr

Fragile – A Nordic Folktale about Identity and the Fragility of Goodness

Saturday, 10. Juni 2023  19.30 Uhr

The Heat of the Tongue – Erotic Tales

Dahlsveen Comments about her performance Fragile: This is a storytelling performance about identity and memories. Who am I, and who can I be? Two thoughts that characterize the ongoing identity process.  In the duality between who I am and can be, what is called narrative identity is created. Our narrative identity is our fragile balance between desires, dreams, and realities. We are, as we strive to be, in this span confusion can arise, that which is painful and difficult, while being necessary enriching and rewarding in the stretch of the life we live through.  A storyteller and listeners as an audience interpret experiences of identity through an aesthetic experience based on a Danish/Norwegian folk tale, autobiographical stories and Norse poetry. This is a storytelling performance for young people, young adults and adults. Performed in England, Norway and the Netherlands. In the spring of 2023, the performance is supported by Arts Council Norway. 

The storytelling performance is an introduction to and a reflection on the uncertain, ambiguous, emotional and poetic possibilities associated with narrative identity.  The basic material of the performance is the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur’s work «Oneself as the other» and the theory of narrative identity; the main story a folk tale about a young woman who becomes a man, this is contrasted and lengthened with mythology and autobiographical material.  The performance addresses transformation and violence and contains demanding elements such as abuse and self-harm.

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