Norgesklubben ønsker den nye konsulen i Ticino velkommen

Norgesklubben var med på feiringen av Diego Glaus som ny konsul i Tessin. Beate Normann holdt en liten tale og overrakte Dieter Meyer og Diego Glaus en Smil pose som takk for formidabel innsats fra Hr. Meyer og velkomstgave, med ønske om godt samarbeid, til Hr. Glaus.

Dear Mr. Meyer, dear Mr. Glaus

It is an honour to be here in the beautiful resort Albergo Losone, and in the name of the Norwegian Club Switzerland say a thousand thank You Karin and Dirk Meyer for the engagement for the Norwegian community in Ticino over many years.

You have supported our events and also made the “long way” to Zürich, Geneva and Luzern to participate.

It is also a great pleasure to welcome Diego Glaus as the new consul of Norway in Ticino.

We look forward to joint events and a strong relationship in the future.

We had the pleasure to enjoy the “Ticino Experience” today with its unique products. As a gift from the Norwegian Club Switzerland we bring you some products to enjoy from Norway.

This is iconic produckts wich Norwegians always bring with them in the suitcases after visiting home – and practically can’t live without them:
Kaviar, Brunost, Leverpostei, Elgpølse, Makrellfilet I tomat, Kvikklunsj – to name some of them.

So – Thank You Mrs and Mr Meyer and welcome Mr. Glaus!!